Without the utilize of pikes, weapon shots and hand-propelled rocket explosive tossed from the harsh contradicting political parties, President Muhammadu Buhari blightly submitted his recluse government has caved in to the rampaging psychological militant Fulani herders.

President Buhari sang Nunc Dimittis of his government and Nigerian state disappointment that smacks off mental desolateness, polical turmoil and a sense of horror.

Robert D. Caplan painted gut picture of the catastrophe that happens to Nigeria prior in his book titled: “The Coming Political agitation”, that will be indicted on the introduce of political clutter, respectful conflict and self-defense within the nonappearance of enthusiastic standing army.

“As natural push compounded, bringing with it far reaching infection and asset strife, social disharmony would increment as characters are re-imagined along devout, cultural or tribal lines instead of the lines of regularly counterfeit political borders.

Legislative issues would ended up localized as states’ powers blur, with sub-national