The official supports of Enormous Brother Naija appear, Payporte, has responded to report that staff of its company were being owed pay rates and treated poorly.

According to a few distressed staff on social media, Payporte treats them ineffectively, owes them months of compensations however spends millions on supporting competitions such as Huge Brother Naija, and marking on brand ambassadors.

However, Abioye Olubodun, an associate to the CEO of Payporte, Eyo Bassey has denied the report. Olubodun told Punch that laborers were not being owed, including that those complaining cleared out the company without taking after legitimate renunciation processes.

“It may be a lie, they are not being owed. The individuals that did not get their cash are those that cleared out the company without appropriately leaving their arrangements and those that still have company properties such as cars and costly cameras in their belonging.

“If you need to take off a company, there’s a process to take after which is the way it is all over. Your boss has got to clear you, something else it would be respected that you simply went AWOL.

“It is terrible that the previous staff had to go to this length. They just have to be do the proper thing and everything would be settled. They don’t need to do the proper thing but they need to urge paid.

“The company doesn’t have issues with them; they have just been told to bring the things in their belonging and they would get paid their privileges. It isn’t genuine that they were being owed.” Speaking on reports that Payporte treats its staff ineffectively in spite of millions gotten from Huge Brother Naija, Olubodun added: “That isn’t genuine.

I am a staff of the company and I can tell you that I am well treated. In the interim, the MD is mindful of the affirmations and he is arranging to call a press conference at the conclusion of the month.”