Expert comedian, Ali Baba has responded to the savagery that emitted at the APC ward congress in Ekiti state. Ace comedian, Ali Baba has responded to the viciousness that emitted at the APC ward congress in Ekiti state.

The comedian subsequently condemned the country’s majority rule government, and alluded to Nigeria as a ‘lawless and fizzled country’.

All Progressives Congress (APC) essential in Ekiti State was on Saturday suspended inconclusively over viciousness that erupted. Sharing a video of the occurrence by means of his instagram handle @alibabagcfr, the comedian express his disillusionment within the nation, and wrote: “Now, right there, with cameras rolling, within the full glare of everybody, is the reason our nation is still where it is.

Where one individual or 2 individuals can truncate an electoral process and fair walk off. Typically similar to what Orubebe did.

”Typically what those folks did when they strolled into the sacrosanct chambers of the National Gathering and carried the mace, a image of specialist within the most noteworthy law making institution of the arrive. Usually what herdsmen daily.

“This is what individuals who plunge hands into government coffers and plunder to their heart’s substance do. This is often what individuals who carry vote boxes do. Typically what happens when law creators break each other’s head on the get together floor.

“This is how a man can walk into a government house carry a sitting representative of a state, and constituted specialist are arranging with him to discharge “his excellency” and the ruffian kept the senator for as long as he needed.

“And nothing happened. This is often what police men do to safe citizens. This can be what military officers do and get absent with. You know why? We are a untamed nation. We don’t meet out commensurate disciplines to these sorts of components.

So they do it once more and once more. Can you imagine how sure and pompous the dark hairy fellow was? Or the fellow within the danshiki? Fair envision in case he was a college understudy. Dead. “That’s what he would be. Think almost it. In case these 2 can do this, with all cameras rolling, CAN YOU Envision WHAT THEY CAN DO TO ANYONE WHO CROSSES THE Way OF THEIR Adoptive parent off camera? Dead!!!!.

“That’s the vote based system we are practicing. And you’re considering things will alter? Acquit me, do you think as it were these 2 exist? Naaaa. By these activities they have encouraged 2 million others. Who will presently accept its doable. I cry my cherished nation. Presently I truly need that double citizenship. Fizzled nation.

“Yes. Go call the police. Typically the one they will have control to deal with. Ali Baba said Nigeria may be a fizzled nation. But all the individuals who I mentioned, that went against constituted authority, are strolling free. But it’s me, that says, that’s verification, that we don’t have a nation, I’m the individual to be welcomed for questioning.

“Would that not be curiouslyDisgrace.