Beat Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has responded to the claim by disputable writer, Kemi Olunloyo that her pregnancy was ‘fake.’ Ikeji uncovered her six-month-old infant bump on Sunday with a long enthusiastic post, chronicling her travel and her energy when she found out she was pregnant.

Reacting, Kemi Olunloyo on her Instagram charged Linda of wearing a prosthetic bump. She said Ikeji was not one or the other locked in nor pregnant. However, Linda in a post tending to Kemi Olunoyo’s claim questioned why somebody who she made a difference whereas in jail might articulate untrue claims approximately her pregnancy.

She famous that she would have straightforwardly embraced a child on the off chance that she was incapable to conceive opposite to reports.

Concurring to her ”Here’s the another thing I need to address. Most of the individuals who know me will tell you that I have a heart of gold and perhaps that’s why God never stops favoring me. This lady (you know who…lol) has been trolling me for a long time and calling me all sorts of unprintable names which I have never reacted to.

But when she cried out for offer assistance final year, in spite of the manhandle I’ve gotten from her, I sent cash to her account. ”I harbor no despise for anybody, no matter what.

And I swear I would have sent more cash to her in case individuals around me hadn’t halted me. I fair felt feel sorry for for her that she was mulling in jail and no one to assist her.

And not as it were did I send cash (which I did secretly and she made public), I called a couple of individuals I know to see what they might do to assist bring her out of jail. No matter what, she may be a lady, and I am all approximately ladies supporting ladies.

”She wrote that I am wearing a prosthetic baby bump…lol. Like I could get away with that in Nigeria? And some folks actually believe it…lol. If I couldn’t have a child, I would proudly adopt. Proudly. I love children so much. But fortunately, God blessed me with a womb to carry my own child.

”I was just hiding the baby bump until I got to my second trimester before letting you amazing people know. I could have continued hiding it to be honest but I just couldn’t keep calm…lol. I’ve had the easiest pregnancy with no swelling and no issues and I thank God.”