A officer court in Yaba has suspended the trial of a Danish man, Diminish Nielsen denounced of murdering his spouse and three-year-old girl in their Lagos home. The case was deferred to following month, attorneys and court authorities said.

It was review that Zainab, famously known as Alizee, and her four-year-old girl, Petra, were purportedly killed by her spouse, Nielsen, at their domestic at Sea Parade, BananaIsland, Lagos.

The court on Tuesday, in any case, requested the proceeded detainment of Nielsen, 53, until June 28 when his appropriate trial at a tall court for the April 5 affirmed kill of Zainab, his spouse and their girl Petra, was to start. “He was brought to court this morning but no supplication was taken.

The prosecutors inquired for an expansion of his detainment in Ikoyi jail pending his trial at the tall court,” extremist legal counselor Christian Kolawole Adore said.

“The ask was allowed as Mr. Nielsen will stay in jail until June 28,” he said. He said the indictment was confident that equity would be worn out the matter. “We are idealistic that the course of equity will be served.

Nielsen is punishable within the kill of Zainab and Petra and ought to be brought to justice,” he said. Dozens of rights activists beneath the support of Ladies Emerge NGO, families and companions of the casualties, attacked the court in dark in T-shirts with the pictures of Zainab and her daughter.

They carried placards censuring the developing menance of household viciousness within the nation, in the midst of sobbings and wailings of relatives of the casualties, counting Zainab’s mother.

“Our campaign against residential violence will be sought after with recharged power in arrange to halt this threat that’s expending our families,”

Ladies Emerge president Joe Okei Odumakin said exterior the court.